ASICS Pace Team

The ASICS Pace Team is returning to the 2014 Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon/miniMarathon with new energy and a group of runners who are experienced marathoners and pacers. Are you looking to complete your first marathon, trying to set a personal record, or qualify for Boston? We will help you achieve your goal and have fun doing it!

The ASICS Pace Team has seasoned pacers who believe in consistent pacing, are energetic and personable, and dedicated to making sure you have a great time on race day!

  • Participation is free to all participants who sign up at the expo booth on 4/17 to 4/18/14.
  • Complimentary Pace Bracelets will be available at the ASICS Pace Team booth. One bracelet per person. We will ask each pace participant to sign up for your pace group at the ASICS Pace Team booth.
  • The 2014 ASICS Pace Team has pace groups for the following marathon times: 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, 3:40, 3:50, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15, 5:30, and 5:45.
  • Unfortunately, we will not have pace groups for the miniMarathon.
  • The goal is that ASICS Pacers will be running “even splits,” which means that every mile will be run at approximately the same pace. Most of the pace groups will not be walking during the marathon. (Traditionally, the pace groups from 4:15 and slower will be walking during fluid stations and pace groups 5:00 to 5:45 may incorporate longer walk breaks during the marathon.)
  • To meet up with the ASICS Pace Team on marathon day, look for them at the start, holding up signs with the pace group finishing times printed on them, and wearing ASICS Pace Team singlets. Try to meet up with your group twenty minutes before the start.
  • Five or ten minutes before the start, your ASICS Pacer(s) will give their “start line instructions”. This will include any adjustments being made to the pace due to course conditions, as well as your ASICS Pacers’ method of meeting back up and keeping the group together at the fluid stations. This is another great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have!
  • Fluid station philosophy, regarding whether the ASICS Pacer will walk or run through it, is up to the Pacer(s). Each ASICS Pacer will let their team know their strategy for getting back together after a water stop. Traditionally, the pace groups from 4:15 and slower will be walking during fluid stations. Be sure to check with your ASICS Pacer at the expo booth or prior to the race if this is extremely important to you.
  • We want you to run your own race. If you feel great on race day, and you want to go ahead to catch the next group, we’ll cheer you on. If it’s just not your day, slow down and wait for the next pace group behind to catch you. And if you want to just fall in and match strides with your ASICS pacer, we sure will appreciate the company!  BEST OF LUCK and most importantly, ENJOY YOUR RACE!


  • If you have any further questions, please email the pace organizer Anne Lewis at  She will not be checking emails after 4/16/14, feel free to talk with her and fellow pacers at the expo ASICS Pace Team Booth.


*Tunde Morakinyo: He enjoys the challenge of  helping other individuals reach their running potential. He is currently a member of the Howard County Striders racing team and coaches in the Striders Next Step marathon program. He has run over 20 marathons including: Boston, Marine Corps, Chicago, Philadelphia and pacing both the Kentucky Derby and Baltimore Marathons.



*Jaclyn Range: Though her first love is running, there’s no greater high than watching people defy their goals – something she gets to do everyday working for Back on My Feet Baltimore, a nonprofit that uses running to build strength and confidence in the homeless and recovering populations.Former Division I College athlete & XC/Track & Field Coach. Has completed over fifteen marathons and paced 2 (Baltimore 2013 – 3:25, Kentucky Derby 2013 – 3:30)

Steve Lauria: He has completed 30 road and trail marathons and ultras throughout the U.S. and Europe within the past 11 years.  He first paced at the Baltimore Marathon in 2010 and has since paced six other races. His 2013 KDM pace team completed the race within one second of the target time.


*Amy Voiland:  She has been running for 20 years and has been with the Pacers now for 3 years.  She has finished roughly 15 marathons over her marathon career, and is planning to do her first 50K race in 2014 with her father, sister and brother.  Amy is a bicycling enthusiast and nature junkie and is always up for a hike or camping….anyone?

Joe Palumbo: He is an avid runner and has run 10 marathons since 2007 when started running to spend time with his sister who is also a runner.  His marathon accomplishments include New York, Boston, and Chicago and he will be running the Berlin Marathon in September.  He hopes to complete the last of the majors in 2015 in London.


*Jon Ober: Struggling with obesity his whole life, Jon made a goal for himself to finish a marathon. In turn, he lost over 100 pounds and completely turned his life around. Running saved his life and motivated his peers to live a healthier life as well. Now with 11 marathons under his belt and a PR of 3:22, he is more than excited to return to pace the Kentucky Derby Marathon for the third year and help people reach their goals.


Ethan Corle: He has completed 9 marathons with a personal best of 3:19. Previously, he has paced for three years at the Baltimore Marathon and enjoys pacing to meet new runners and help them to achieve their goals.  Outside of running, Ethan is a graduate student at The Pennsylvania State University in the aerospace engineering department.


* Stacy Ward: Completed 24 marathons including running Boston 3 times (07, 08, 12), Marine Corp., and San Diego.  Stacy is a returning pacer for the Kentucky Derby Marathon.  Enjoys running, sports, the beach, and spending time with family and friends.  Mother of 2 girls: 3 and 11 months.  Works at Coastal Sunbelt Produce in Savage, MD.

Kara Carlin: She is married to her high school sweetheart Josh and has 2 daughters. She has run 15 Marathons with as PR of 3:29. She had run in 2 Boston Marathons and plans to return to Boston in 2015.


*Joshua J. Reiter:  He is a long time member of the Baltimore Pacers and is returning to pace KDM for his third year.  He has completed numerous marathons, half marathons, and sprint triathlons.  As a marathon pacer he enjoys assisting and watching others achieve their goals!  Josh is known for his marathon pacer rap ( Was once beaten in a marathon by a fairy princess.  President of ApplicationsOnline and faculty member at Johns Hopkins University


Donna Hager:  She is from Baltimore, Maryland, home of the second leg of the Triple Crown.  She took up marathon running in 2006 and has been addicted since.  Donna enjoys training and racing with her brother, Joe.  They have run 7 marathons together and numerous other road races.  She is looking forward to running the Berlin marathon in September.

Megan Theuerkorn: She was born and raised in Michigan where her love of running developed in high school when she was encouraged by the cross country coach to join the team. Megan’s first 26.2 was the Chicago Marathon in 2009 and has since completed two more marathons in 2013 (including the Cincinnati Flying Pig and the NYC Marathon). Megan’s ultimate goal is to Boston qualify and hopes to do so at the Colorado Marathon this year!



*Sara Damiano: She  has run 10 marathons (PR: 3:31), including Baltimore, Kentucky Derby, Lehigh Valley, and Richmond. An experienced pacer of events from the 10-miler to the marathon, she enjoys helping other runners to achieve their goals. A graduate student at Johns Hopkins University.

Dave Orlik: He is RRCA certified, and a running coach since 2008. He has completed over 24 half marathons, 11 marathons (including Boston in 2013), and 4 ultra‐marathons (including one 50 miler).  He has competed in duathlons and triathlons as well, from sprint distance to full Ironman. This will be his 9th time as a pacer for marathon and lesser distances.

Laveta Stewart: She is a 3-time Baltimore marathon pacer, Lake Placid Ironman finisher and has completed a 50k and 100k trail run in Nepal at high altitude. She loves running for fun and enjoys cheering on others.


*Tonya Dunn: She has been running marathons since 1998, completing over 90, a few ultras and one Ironman. Word on the street is if you want your 26.2 experience to fly by, run with this group!

Joseph McGuinness: He is a physician assistant who loves to run and pace marathons. Likes to have fun while running and enjoys meeting people throughout the race. Looking forward to seeing you at the 2014 KDM!


* Will Swingle: He has been running since 2008 and ran his 1st marathon just 5 months after his first 5K. Once he hit that 1st finish line he was         hooked! Since then he has completed 11 marathons, 3 as a pacer. He loves pacing because it gives him the opportunity to help others meet their running goals.

Muffie Bliss: She has been running half and full marathons since 2007, starting with the Frederick Half. She has run Marine Corp, Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, Disney (2 times), San Diego, Baltimore, and Shamrock. Pacers throughout all of these races have helped her reach her goals and she looks forward to helping you reach yours.


*Dwight Mikulis: He is a veteran Pacer and has run over 20 marathons/ultras including the Stone Mill 50 Mile race in November 2013.  Dwight has paced the KY Derby Marathon for the last two years and his group has come in within 12 seconds of target time. He is excited to return as an ASICS Pacer at the Kentucky Derby Marathon for 2014.

Paul Marquis: He has run more than 45 marathons, two 50-milers, an Ironman and numerous other races. His PR is a 3:03, but he has found that he gets more enjoyment from helping others achieve their personal goals. A retired Naval Surface Warfare Officer, commanded an Aegis destroyer, and works now in the defense industry at the Washington Navy Yard.

Cristal Barnes: She is a fitness instructor who loves to run at a conversational pace, and will  do her best to coach & motivate you through all 26.2 miles to help keep you going. She believes anyone can run a marathon with the right attitude and a little ambition, you’ve just got to keep going – a motto which has worked for her in 36 marathons. She looks forward to meeting you & helping you cross the finish line exactly on time!


* Judith Weber:  She is an endurance runner, has been part of the Baltimore Pacing Team since 2005 and returning to pace at KDM for the 3rd time.  When not pacing marathons, you will find her on trails completing ultra events.


Shalynn Howard: A runner who enjoys training in all weather conditions and in all environments. Has raced a variety of distances from 5 and 10k’s to marathons and ultra marathons. Has paced for the Howard County Striders in Columbia, MD and will be coaching the Striders Next Step program in the Spring.

Hannah Somers: A friend once told Hannah “If you can run a 10k, you can run a marathon.” Not one to back down from a challenge, she signed up and began training for her first marathon the next day.  Countless miles later, she can’t imagine her life without running and looks forward to participating in new races each year.


*Dave Hopkins: Completed 58 marathons, 7 Ironmans, JFK 50 miler, and Chesapeake Bay Swim twice. Has been pacing for 7 years, and hoping to run the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim in May.  KDM is an amazing race to have fun in a pace group, please join us!!

Roger Shanks: He has been running for 10 years, 21 marathons, a few ultras, and triathlons. It is thrilling to run with fellow runners on their determined quest and to celebrate the finish line filled with inspiration, and joy, and to bask in the glow of the runners accomplishing their goals. Hope to see you there, we’ll have a good time.


*George Elder: He is an experienced pacer whom has completed more than 25 marathons (or longer) including the Kentucky Derby Marathon, NYC, Marine Corps, Grandfather Mountain Marathon, and the JFK 50 miler. George is an Investigator for the Baltimore County Department of Health.

Barbara Shanks: She took up running about 10 years ago when a friend suggested taking on an 8 mile race.  What seemed a crazy long way to run sparked an interest which has had Barbara running ever since.  Several half marathons, a few tris, and seven marathons later, one of her greatest delights is encouraging others to reach their goals.