Course Details

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Race Course Details & Restrictions

There will be NO bags allowed on this year’s course. You will have the opportunity to leave all belongings at gear check located at Louisville Slugger Field. Camel Backs & Water Bags will be allowed. 

Absolutely no participant is allowed on the course prior to 7:30 a.m. (EDT). Any participant on the racecourse before 7:30 a.m. will be disqualified and asked to leave the racecourse. The following are strictly prohibited at all times:

  • Roller Skates (including in-line skate)
  • Bicycles (including hand crank bicycles)
  • Baby Strollers
  • Animals



  • United States Track and Field Sanctioned Course and Event
  • Boston Marathon Qualifying event
  • Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, Baby Joggers, Strollers, Roller Skates and Roller Blades are not permitted on the course
  • Headphones (Ipods, MP3 players, CDs, Tape Walkmans, Radios, etc.) are discouraged
  • Fluid and Medical Stations are positioned along the race course
  • Water and Powerade are offered at Fluid Stations
  • Norton Sports Health Medical Stations along route


Turn By Turn for Marathon & miniMarathon (with closure times)

2015 Street Closures


Restroom Locations

  • Floyd and Preston; In Riverside Parking Lot again buildings west wall; 10 restrooms and 2 Handicap
  • 65 restrooms lined along the east sidewalk of Jackson Street up against building; 65 restrooms lined along the west sidewalk of Hancock Street up against fence and concrete wall.
  • 8 restrooms lined along the south side of Broadway; East of Rail road overpass
  • 5 Restrooms lined at 4th and Kentucky (lined on the North Side of Kentucky); 5 restrooms lined at 3rd and Kentucky (lined on the south side of Kentucky)
  • 4 Restrooms and 1 Handicap lined at 4th and Central Ave (lined on the North Side of Central Ave); 4 Restrooms and 1 handicap lined at 3rd and Central Ave (lined on the west side of 3rd street)
  • 5 restrooms lined on Southern Parkway and Woodlawn (lined on the west side of Southern Parkway)
  • 5 restrooms lined on Southern Parkway and Taylor Blvd (lined on the west side of Southern Parkway)
  • 5 restrooms lined on Barrett Ave between Christy and Morton Ave. (Lined on Right side of road as you are going toward Eastern Parkway)
  • 5 restrooms lined on Baxter Ave at Broadway (lined on Baxter Ave after Broadway)
  • 15 restrooms and 1 Handicap lined on grass at Waterfront (North of I-64 Overpass) and 1 restroom and 1 handicap at Preston and Witherspoon.
  • 3 restrooms at 4th and Industry (lined on east side of 4th street) and 3 restrooms at 3rd and Eastern Parkway (west side of 3rd Street)
  • 2 restrooms at Southern Parkway and Ashland Ave (lined west side of Southern Parkway) and 2 restrooms at Southern Parkway and Wellington (lined on the east side of Southern Parkway)


NOTE: Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon & miniMarathon race officials have the right to disqualify or remove from the course any participant whose activity violates any condition set forth or who poses any potential harm to himself/herself or any other participant. All participants must maintain no more than a  13:45 minute per mile pace for the full Marathon or a 15:00 minute per mile in the half Marathon. Roads will reopen following the Louisville Metro Police trail car which starts after the last corral crosses the start line (not gun time). Course services will not be available past this time. All Marathoners must reach mile 20 Split (3rd & Breckinridge) by 12:05p.m. in order to continue the route with full support. If participants fall short of the 13:45 pace time participants have the option to continue the Marathon course without traffic support using sidewalks or continue the remaining half marathon course down 3rd St.

2015 Course Certifications

Marathon (26.2 miles): USATF KY10002MS

  • Marathon is a BOSTON QUALIFIER miniMarathon (13.1 miles): USATF KY10001MS