Course Details


This year, Derby Festival will return to a more traditional course for the same distances (13.1 & 26.2 miles), but may still have some changes as part of the health & safety precautions we’re taking to provide a secure race experience. 

What you can expect in 2022:

  • The miniMarathon will run 13.1 miles starting on main street at Louisville Slugger field running through Churchill Downs and finishing at Lynn Family Stadium home of Louisville City FC and Racing Louisville. 
  • The Marathon course will follow the miniMarathon course, then split at the 12.5 mile mark. Marathon runners will continue on across the Big Four Walking Bridge into Southern Indiana, and run an out and back route along the Ohio River Greenway, before also finishing at Lynn Family Stadium. 
  • All race participants will get to experience the sights of beautiful downtown Louisville, the historic Old Louisville neighborhood, and parts of the scenic Olmstead Park System among other attractions as they run. 

Course Overview

  • The course will be looped (starting and finishing within the same few blocks), beginning in downtown Louisville at the intersection of Main Street and Preston Street and ending at Lynn Family Stadium (home of Louisville City FC and Racing Louisville FC) for the Finish Line celebration.
  • The miniMarathon and front half of the Marathon will return to a more traditional route through downtown, into the West End, through Old Louisville and the South End, where once again runners will have the opportunity to enjoy the iconic run through Churchill Downs. Then all runners will return to downtown and Slugger Field, where the miniMarathon runners will turn down the final stretch and Marathon runners will continue on to the back-half of their race.
  • At the split, Marathon participants will continue on to cross the Big Four Bridge and continue along the Ohio River Greenway in Southern Indiana, similar to the 2021 modified course. The Greenway will take Marathon runners through New Albany, Jeffersonville, and Clarksville, all the while offering stunning views of the Ohio River, the iconic bridges that link Louisville and Southern Indiana, and the downtown Louisville Skyline. 
  • This year’s course is fairly flat, with the steepest parts being the climb to the top of the Big Four Bridge and back down. The Elevation Gain for the course is +507 ft, with the maximum grade being 2.4% and the minimum grade being -2.5%.

Race Details

  • Race participants should not use Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, Baby Joggers, Strollers, Roller Skates and Roller Blades to complete the course
  • Headphones are allowed, but safety is cautioned with use of headphones, earbuds, air buds, etc.
  • Water Stations and restrooms along the race course

NOTE: Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon & Marathon race officials have the right to disqualify or remove from the course any participant whose activity violates any condition set forth or who poses any potential harm to himself/herself or any other participant.

All participants must maintain no more than a  13:45 minute per mile pace for the full Marathon or a 15:00 minute per mile in the half Marathon.

Roads will reopen following the Louisville Metro Police trail car which starts after the last corral crosses the start line. Course services will not be available past this time.


Where are the Start and Finish Lines?

The Start Line will be at Main and Preston in front of Louisville Slugger Field

The Finish Line will be at Lynn Family Stadium, home of Louisville City FC and Racing FC

Where can I find Turn-by-Turn directions?

Turn-by-turn directions are found in the drop-down tab above (for your reference).

What time does the Race Start?

This year’s race will begin at 7AM

Is GE Appliances mini & Marathon still a loop course? 

Yes, the course is a loop course, with the Start line Being at Louisville Slugger Field and the Finish Line being at Lynn Family Stadium (1 mile apart)

Are there time limits for the course?

Yes. There is a 4-hour course limit for the miniMarathon, 6-hour course limit for the Marathon.

THIS MEANS: All participants must maintain a 15:00 minute mile in the half Marathon (miniMarathon), 13:45 minute per mile pace in the Marathon.

The roads will re-open behind runners maintaining a 15 minute per mile pace. A trail car will reopen the roads. The trail car starts after the runners in the last corral cross the Start Line.

But Don’t Panic…participants will be allowed to complete the course by moving to the sidewalk and following pedestrian rules for safety.

*PLEASE BE ADVISED: Course services will not be available beyond this pace time, and course deviations may happen if a runner is not keeping the projected race time.

Do you offer runner tracking?

Yes! We partner with the free app RaceJoy, to offer live Tracking & Progress Alerts on Race Day. Before the race, DOWNLOAD THE APP.

Once downloaded to your mobile device, you will want to search & select the Kentucky Derby Festival race you are participating in, using the search box. The app will then walk you through how to use your bib number for Progress Alerts, Live Tracking, customizing notifications and using Send-A-Cheer to share time targeted messages with runners.

What refreshments and nutrition will you have on the race route? 

We will have water stops and Powerade locations on the route, thanks to our friends at the Louisville Water Company and Powerade

All Indiana water stops will have bottled water provided.

Where are the Water Stops along the race route?

We will have several water stops locations on the route.

What items are prohibited on the race course?

  • Roller Skates (including in-line skate)
  • Bicycles (including hand crank bicycles)
  • Baby Strollers
  • Running Strollers
  • Animals
  • There will be NO bags allowed on this year’s course. You will have the opportunity to leave all belongings at gear check located at Louisville Slugger Field. Camel Backs & Water Bags will be allowed.

 Can I use a mobile device and/or head phones on the route?

Yes! We encourage you to download the RaceJoy App to better enjoy your race experience.

What should I do if I need medical attention along the route?

If it is an emergency, please contact 9-1-1.

We will have medics surveying the course, as well as medical stops along the route, however we highly recommend if your need is urgent to contact emergency services.


Participant Safety Information

A color-coded Event Alert System (EAS) will communicate the status of course conditions to participants leading up to and on race day. The levels range from Low (green) Moderate (yellow) High (red) Extreme (black) based primarily on the weather, as well as other conditions.

  • Email and website communication during race week will inform participants of the current Event Alert System status and provide preparation tips based on advance weather forecasts.
  • Updates will be made at the Kentucky Derby Festival Race Expo via signage in the packet pick-up area and public address announcements.
  • On race day, the current Event Alert System status will be communicated via public address announcements and color-coded signs/flags at the start and finish areas, and along the course at each of the 6 Norton Medical aid station locations and via large digital traffic message boards.
  • Runners signed up for Runner Tracking system can be directly communicated to via text or other alerts.

All participants should familiarize themselves with the Event Alert System prior to the race, remain alert for directions from race officials and announcers and take precautions to prepare properly for varying weather conditions on race day.

Event Alert System table:

Alert Level

Public safety message

Please join us in being vigilant of your surroundings during the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon. If you see something say something, a suspicious person, object or vehicle along or near the race course, report the sighting to 9-1-1 or to onsite law enforcement personnel.

Do not store, hide or leave any personal items, backpacks, packages or clothes along or near the race course, including the start and finish line areas. Use designated Gear Check areas to check your personal belongings, or leave your personal items with a friend or family member.

Thank you for helping to keep yourself and those around you safe.


  • 12th & Main St
  • Broadway & 10th
  • 4th St. & Kentucky St. – Memorial Park
  • 4th St. & Industry Ave.
  • 3rd St. & Haywood
  • 3rd St. & Eastern Pkwy. – Cross Walk at Tennis Courts
  • 3rd & Kentucky St. – KDF
  • 3rd & Chestnut – Water Company Building
  • Last of the miniMarathon stops
  • River Rd & Witherspoon – Base of Big Four Bridge
  • Riverside Drive in Jeffersonville – under I-65 Bridge
  • Falls of the Ohio & Interpretive Center
  • George Rogers Clark Homestead
  • 18th and Floyd New Albany
  • George Rogers Clark Homestead
  • Falls of the Ohio & Interpretive Center
  • Riverside Drive in Jeffersonville under I-65 Bridge
  • River Rd & Witherspoon – Base of Big Four Bridge
  • #1 mile 4.3 – 4th street between St. Catherine and Oak St
  • #2 mile 8.7 – 3rd and Winkler
  • #3 mile 10.6 – 3rd and St. Catherine
  • #4 mile 11.9 – 3rd and Market
  • #5 mile 15.4 & 23.4 @ Ashland Park
  • #6 mile 17.3 & 21.5 @ George Rogers Clark homestead
  • #7 mile 19.3 18th and Floyd St New Albany