Race Ambassadors

The GE Appliances Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon/Marathon Race Ambassador Team is built of runners and walkers who are part of an amazing group who are proactive in pushing a healthy lifestyle message to all local and regional groups and organizations. These Ambassadors help KDF keep our runners and walkers informed, inspired and motivated during the months leading up to the race.

For more than 10 years, our Race Ambassador Team has been essential in the development and continued growth of the miniMarathon & Marathon. We encourage our Race Ambassadors to stay involved in the race, as well as other Kentucky Derby Festival events.


Learn More about Our Ambassador Program!

Race Ambassadors form a subcommittee that will serve as recruiting liaisons within the running and walking community of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

• Race Ambassadors are selected for the program (for a one year term).

• Ambassador selection is based on an application explaining why they would be an important asset to the committee.

• Race Ambassadors report to a committee chair and are expected to attend Ambassador committee meetings and KDF Race events.


FORMER RACE AMBASSADORS: Are you a former Race Ambassador that wants to stay involved in the miniMarathon and Marathon, or explore other events? Please see the form below to express interest in other volunteer opportunities.


The Perks

• Complimentary registration into the 2024 Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon/Marathon based on referrals.

• Official Race Ambassador merchandise.

• Biography, photo and email link on DerbyFestivalMarathon.com

• Personal discount code offerings throughout the recruiting period.

• Other perks will be rewarded based on the Referral Rewards Program Levels


Meet Your 2024 Race Ambassadors!

See below for bios, contact info and more details about the 2024 Race Ambassador Team.


I have only been in Louisville for one year. Over the course of this past year, I had an awesome time participating in the Triple Crown and the Derby Festival Marathon Relay. I remember as we walked to the start line for the Relay, I stopped a race volunteer and asked them, ‘How can I be part of a bigger role with this race?’

Prior to moving here, I lived in Florida and helped plan races for Girls on the Run SWLF, and I just felt drawn to it. I left the Derby Festival Marathon wanting to get more involved. I currently run with a group of friends who have helped extend my reach into the Louisville running community.

I would love to use my passion for running and mental health to encourage others to be active. There is something to be said about putting on your sneakers and going for a walk or run to clear your mind after an overwhelming/overstimulating day. Helping people find and experience those moments of clarity and peace, while being active, truly fill my heart with joy! The running community has always been a safe space for me and been an extension of family. Everyone should have the chance to experience that!

I am Floridian at heart and my family relocated to Louisville one year ago from Naples. I have been a runner my entire life, and a 10k is my favorite distance. Running is cheaper than therapy.

Fun Fact: I am trying to qualify for Boston!


I have run the miniMarathon many times and it is the race that I most look forward to each year. My personal goal is to run a race in all 50 states, but I always come back to this one specifically. I love the course and the community, and always have a blast. This past year, I was saved by donuts in the final miles by a race supporter and was blown away by the Louisville Metro Police Department presence as well.

I love running and have always loved the KDF miniMarathon. It would be a wonderful experience to engage with the race and the community in this way and promote a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

I am a mom of four, a runner, a transplant from upstate New York and my husband and I are both in Human Resources.

Fun Fact: I am a lover of bright colors, all foods, and musicals!

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I am passionate about making running accessible to everyone. Many people tell me that they could never complete a race because they are “too old,” “too slow,” or don’t have a “runner’s body.” I represent the “sexy pacers” — the ones who won’t finish top 3 in their age group, but will always cross the Finish Line with a smile. I want everyone to experience the rush of emotion that comes with finishing a race and feeling proud of the accomplishment.

I moved to Louisville 19 years ago and shortly after met one of my best friends. He encouraged me to run the 2014 Derby Festival miniMarathon with him, and since then, I have completed 20 Half Marathons and run the mini every year. The Louisville running community is diverse, inclusive, supportive and encouraging. I tore my ACL in December 2018 and had surgery in January 2019. I was determined to not miss the mini, and 13 weeks post-surgery, I walked the 13.1 miles to complete that goal. I crossed the Finish Line with a group of people I’d never met that were behind me cheering my friend and I on, and were there to give me my medal and a big hug. I’ve made new friends at every race I’ve completed in this city. The running community is the best community!

I have been running for over 20 years. I am a master’s-level psychologist, married and have an 11-year-old daughter. I enjoy reading, playing board games, visiting zoos and traveling.

Fun Fact: In 2019, I walked the mini 13 weeks after ACL surgery.

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This coming year will be my third year running KDF, and I feel now is an appropriate time to get more involved with the race and the running community in Louisville. I want to share my story with runners and help others achieve their goals as I chase my own. My hope is to recruit and empower people who have never ran a day in their life, as well as experienced runners looking for something new. I want to help motivate them to join the less than 1 percent of people who will ever complete a Marathon.

I want to help someone reach their true potential and see that they are capable of much more than they think. The Marathon is a grueling and intimidating race at first glance, but this is nothing more than a mental limitation I wish to expose and help folks overcome.

I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2022 with a BBA in Finance and now work as an accountant at Kentucky Kingdom. I love being around people and watching/playing sports.

Fun Fact: I am a huge UK Basketball fan. I’m in the Army National Guard and Halloween is my favorite holiday!

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I want to be a Race Ambassador because I love running AND Louisville. I have support running in Louisville since the early 1980s and this would give me another avenue to do so.

I have run and completed numerous road races in Louisville for more than 40 years, including 28 miniMarathons and 2 Derby Festival full Marathons.

I also love promoting running through coaching elementary and high school cross country and track.

Fun Fact: I am a Marine Veteran and running has been a very important part of my life for over 40 years. It was a joy to participate in races with my Dad for over 20 years, and now do the same with my kids.

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I want to be a KDF Race Ambassador because I love running. Running has given me back so much joy in my life. I consider myself a “back of the pack” and a “party pace” runner. I want to show everyone that they can run no matter what their pace is. Running truly is for everyone!

I started running in 2019. I was signed up for the KDF miniMarathon the year it went virtual. I ended up running it virtually while pushing my son in his stroller for the entire 13.1 miles. It’s my proudest running accomplishment to date. I’m also a member of She Runs This Town Southern Indiana and Louisville running groups. I attended weekly runs with these women and they are a huge part of my life.

Fun Fact: I’m getting ready to run my very first Marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon, in November and I absolutely can’t wait!

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I want to help promote and be around people who are interested in running and being healthier. Since retiring from the military, I don’t have the same camaraderie and I feel this community will help. With my military connections, I feel that I’ll be an asset to bring more local runners. I enjoyed my short period of time training for the 2020 Marathon, which ended up being canceled due to the pandemic. My first miniMarathon and Marathon was in 2022.

While I’ve only run one Marathon since being here, I’ve participated in the Triple Crown a few times. I’m also a middle school cross country and track and field coach.

Fun Fact: My family and I moved to Louisville in 2016 when I was in the military.

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I’m of South Asian heritage, and growing up, my goals were related to academics. After medical school and training, running was an opportunity for me to expand my horizons and do something athletic. I’ve learned so much about running and myself in this process. This race helps me live a better, healthier life and I want to share that with my patients and with others as a Race Ambassador.

My first goal when I started running was to do the KDF miniMarathon. My first race was in 2014. To prepare, I did the Triple Crown of races to lead up to the first miniMarathon I did. I’ve done five KDF miniMarathons since then. Other races I’ve done in Kentucky include Run the Bluegrass in Lexington and the Bourbon Derby. These races helped inspire me to do the Disney Marathon and then the Avengers Half Marathon in Disneyland.

I’m a South Asian-American, a physician and a Kentuckian.

Fun Fact: I’m named after the painting!

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I would love to share my passion for running at such a staple race in our community! I had the opportunity to be an Urban Bourbon ambassador in 2021 and loved getting involved in that. I learned a lot about how to promote it, and I feel like I could engage even more now for the KDF races! Also, working at GE Appliances provides an exiting time to use their sponsorship to get the word out.

I have run several KDF Half Marathons, Urban Bourbons and Triple Crowns. I have also participated in local run club events such as the Long Distance Project Runner’s Camp.

I’ve been a runner for the past 10 years. I am also a mother of 2, happy wife, and a proud employee of GE Appliances.

Fun Fact: Running started out as a slow journey that included charity 5ks with my friends, and it has now turned into three marathons (so far!) and an entire personality!