Pace Team

The Pace Team is returning to the 2016 Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon/miniMarathonwith new energy and a group of runners who are experienced marathoners and pacers. Are you looking to complete your first marathon, trying to set a personal record, or qualify for Boston? We will help you achieve your goal and have fun doing it!

The Pace Team has seasoned pacers who believe in consistent pacing, are energetic and personable, and dedicated to making sure you have a great time on race day!

  • Participation is free to all participants who sign up at the expo booth on 4/27/17 to 4/28/17.
  • Complimentary Pace Bracelets will be available at the Pace Team booth. One bracelet per person. We will ask each pace participant to sign up for your pace group at the Pace Team booth.
  • The 2017 Pace Team has pace groups for the following:
    • Marathon Times will include 3:15, 3:25, 3:35, 3:40, 3:50, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15, 5:30 and 5:45
    • Half Marathon Times will include: 1:40, 1:45, 1:50, 1:55, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30, 2:45 and 2:50
  • Check back for information on the miniMarathon Pacers.
  • The goal is that Pacers will be running “even splits,” which means that every mile will be run at approximately the same pace. Most of the pace groups will not be walking during the marathon. (Traditionally, the pace groups from 4:15 and slower will be walking during fluid stations and pace groups 5:00 to 5:45 may incorporate longer walk breaks during the marathon.)
  • To meet up with the Pace Team on marathon day, look for them at the start, holding up signs with the pace group finishing times printed on them, and wearing Pace Team singlets. Try to meet up with your group twenty minutes before the start.
  • Five or ten minutes before the start, your Pacer(s) will give their “start line instructions”. This will include any adjustments being made to the pace due to course conditions, as well as your Pacers’ method of meeting back up and keeping the group together at the fluid stations. This is another great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have!
  • Fluid station philosophy, regarding whether the Pacer will walk or run through it, is up to the Pacer(s). Each Pacer will let their team know their strategy for getting back together after a water stop. Traditionally, the pace groups from 4:15 and slower will be walking during fluid stations. Be sure to check with your Pacer at the expo booth or prior to the race if this is extremely important to you.
  • We want you to run your own race. If you feel great on race day, and you want to go ahead to catch the next group, we’ll cheer you on. If it’s just not your day, slow down and wait for the next pace group behind to catch you. And if you want to just fall in and match strides with your pacer, we sure will appreciate the company!  BEST OF LUCK and most importantly, ENJOY YOUR RACE!


Brian Terrell
I’ve been an avid runner for the past 4 years and I love helping other accomplish their running goals. Running is my passion and if you run with me you’ll have run and meet your goal time.


Troy Kolb
I have run 4 Marathons; including pacing the KDF 2016 Marathon. I ran anchor leg in 2 KDF Marathon CoEd Division Relay Teams; placing 2nd and 1st in consecutive years. I participate in as many local road races as possible. Recently, I’ve enjoyed competing in various obstacle course races in the region.


Danielle Barlow
I had a fantastic time pacing for KDF mini marathon 2016. I had a great group of runners. We keep great enthusiasm the entire 13.1 miles. I absolutely loved hearing all the stories from the pace group and hearing about their goals.


Maureen Randall
I am an open heart surgery, pacemaker, stroke survivor who has overcome obstacles and LOVE watching others achieve their dreams. I’m a nurse by profession and runner at heart 🙂


Jarrod Craddock
I used pacers early on when I first started running races, and I feel no great satisfaction than giving back and helping fellow runners reach their goals of a PR or simply finishing their first race. I guarantee a great time and experience for those I’m privileged to pace during this year’s race!


Bob Strauss
Running became a part of Bob’s lifestyle during his school years but he didn’t run a marathon until in his ‘50s. He quickly caught the marathon bug and has completed one or more marathons in every state. He’s always eager to share the fun of running and loves to keep his pace team entertained as the miles pass by. His pace teams always have a good time. His passion even affected his wife who runs 20-30 races each year. Though he no longer puts up Boston qualifier times, he does enjoy sharing tips. He loves helping others achieve their goals and getting them to the finish line on time. When not pacing you can find him busy vegetable gardening and providing consulting services to Chicago area small businesses.


Billy Byrne
Watching his youngest sister Rose complete a marathon gave Billy the inspiration to begin his own running journey. Now an avid runner completing six marathons, five half marathons, and multiple races including Bourbon Chase and Ragnar. Billy wants to share his love for running with everyone. His love for running is contagious and his upbeat positive nature will power his pace group across the finish line.


Dallas Harshfield
Dallas is a positive, optimistic runner with a passion for helping other runners achieve their goals! His hobby of running began by joining his middle school cross-country team when he was 12 yrs old. Dallas has since completed in several Marathons and mini-Marathons. His most recent accomplishment was completing the 2016 Louisville Ironman. Dallas was a pacer in the 2016 KDF Marathon and his excited to once again represent the KDF mini/Marathon as a KDF pacer.


Naresh Krishnani (“Running” was not a word in Naresh’s life dictionary until June 2012 when he came across a book called “Dare to Run by Amith Sheth”. It was an eye opener and Naresh’s journey began from there. Running and eating healthy are his lifestyle. He carries his running shoes/gear everywhere he travels. He has run on the beaches of Costa Brava in Spain, Black Sea in Turkey, trails in Modena Italy and high traffic roads of Mumbai in India. Naresh lives in the Bourbon and Horse Capital of the world (Louisville, Kentucky). He has run races with a 1:57 PR – half marathon and recently finished his 2nd marathon in 4:16.)


Michelle Bischof
I am a stay at home mom to five kids and am married to a wonderfully supportive husband. They all accompany me to most of my races, acting as my crew and cheer squad. I have run over 50 half and full marathons, including the Boston Marathon. I also race ultra marathons, with 100 milers being my favorite distance. I love to run and race, and I especially love helping others reach their goals.


Stephanie Fish
Will run for beer! As an original member of the Derby City Run Club and a High School Cross Country Coach, I am an experienced runner. With several half marathons, a full marathon, and a few triathlons under my belt, I have learned the art of good pacing. Also, in 2015, I was a KDF Race Ambassador. When not running, you can find me on my bike, enjoying some yoga, walking dogs, or (of course) drinking some beers!


Jeffrey Zern
Jeffrey started running off and on while in college in 2010 as a way to stay active outside of organized sports. He then began running for the Arkansas Ultra Running Association (AURA) in 2012 at the urging of a few friends he met through various running groups. Since then, he has run 11 half marathons (paced 4), 15 full marathons (paced 6), and multiple races at various shorter distances. Jeffrey paced the 3:25 group at the 2015 Little Rock Marathon, and that’s when he fell in love with pacing. “I hope to be an encouraging voice and a steady rabbit guiding you to a solid finish.”


Trena Roudebush
Trena is returning to the Kentucky Derby Marathon/Mini Marathon for the 4th time. She has run more than 80 half marathons and nearly 40 fulls and ultras, qualifying for both the Boston and NYC Marathons. Trena passes the miles by listening to audio books and podcasts, occasionally answering Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me questions aloud. She lives in Indianapolis and runs with Personal Best Training, Indy Runners and Team Shorts.


Dale Buettner
Dale started running 4 years ago as part of weight loss and maintenance. Now he has set a goal to run a marathon in all 50 states, but one of the best parts of that is getting to pace races where he can help and inspire others. He hopes to help you reach your goal on race day!


Michael Spoelker
62 year old retired mechanical engineer. This will be my 31st KDF Mini Marathon. My first was the 10th edition in 1983 and I ran 17 in a row before missing 2001-2005. On the comeback trail, I ran on KDF Marathon relay teams in 2006 & ’07 and resumed running the Mini again in 2008. I missed the 2015 Mini in order to do the Boston Marathon, which was the same week.


Robert Mason
I began running about 5 years ago and slowing worked up to completing 13 full and 19 half marathons. I ran with pacers during many of my races, so i decided what a great way to help others achieve their goals. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a group I’ve run a race with reach their personal goals!I hope to run and pace for many years to come!


Scott Baerenklau
Scott is happily married for 18 years and a father of two active children. Apart from spending time with his family, he enjoys running and training for triathlons. Scott finds both social and overall health enjoyment/fulfillment from training and racing. Scott is a four time veteran of the Derby Mini and a two time Boston Qualifyer with a marathon PR of 3:16.


Marc Gill
I have run over 40 marathons, and paced more than 15 . Member of marathon maniacs, Run super pace team, and Arkansas Ultra Runners Association. I have run all of the US world majors as a guaranteed qualifier, and have a PR of 2:54.


Thomas Crisp
Seeing the joy of helping others reach their goals are what motivates me.


Marion Hambrick
Louisville native and avid runner. This will be my second year pacing the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon. Great fun meeting and crossing the finish line with new people.


Brittany Nathanson
I started running about 10 years ago and it changed my life. I have met some of the most incredible people and formed best friendships through a passion for running. I started pacing a few years ago and fell in love with it. It’s been amazing helping others reach their goals. Race day is an exciting time and I always look forward to the smiles of the group as they cross the finish line reaching their goal time.


Andrew Wetterer
Andrew enjoys giving back to the sport he loves by pacing. He loves helping people reach their goals, either setting a new PR or finishing their first marathon! He’s an experienced pacer, having paced more than a dozen half and full marathons.


Corey Queen
I became a runner in 2010 for health reasons and fell in love with it. I love introducing the racing to people who never thought they could do it. I love helping people succeed


Falko Berg
I love to pace – there is nothing better than to help someone to achieve a certain time goal or to finish the biggest thing they have done so far in their running career…


Ken Fattmann
Ken started running for fitness and recreation in college and completed his first marathon in 1980. He intended to run his second in the fall of 1983 but medical school ended up taking more time than he thought. 25 years later, he decided to make priorities instead of excuses and has now finished 248 marathons, including at least one in every state. He has also earned titanium/10-star status in Marathon Maniacs 4 years in a row by completing at least 52 in 52 weeks, qualifying him for the Hall of Fame. Ken has paced 97 marathons and hopes you’ll have a great time on the way to beating your goal time.


Jessica Overley
Jes Overley resides in Cincinnati, Oh and has been running marathons since 2011. She has run over a dozen marathons including a few ultra marathons and enjoys pacing and getting to meet fellow runners!


Travis Martin
R. “Travis” Martin began running in HS and ran a few years at the collegiate level (NAIA) before enlisting in the Armed Services. Travis ran his first marathon in 1992 and completed multiple distance events thereafter. Travis suffered a slight setback in Dec. 2007 due to knee surgery (repairs to i/o meniscus, ACL, and MCL). Thankfully, he was able to resume running with a sub 3:03 PR in the 2015 Rocket City Marathon. Travis participates in various distance events as well as relays such as the Bourbon Chase.


Amy Bollinger
Once an adamant “non-runner”, Amy began running back in 2012. What started out as an effort to expedite her weight loss goals, soon turned into a passion!  She ran her first 5k in August of 2012 and really liked the sense of accomplishment.  She soon set her sights on competing in a half marathon.  In December of 2013, she ran her first, the Smoky Mountain Santa Hustle, and swore she would never do something that crazy again!  She was wrong.  In 2014, she completed 7 halfs (PR of 2:10:35) and has set a goal of 10 halfs and her her first full in 2015!  In addition to running, Amy does Zumba and Barre classes.  Amy lives right in the Foothills of the Smoky Mountains, in Knoxville, TN with her husband and son.  She hopes to be an inspiration to other “non-runners” out there!


Greg Lowe
My name is Greg Lowe. I started running for exercise in 2008. I could only run for a minute or two every few minutes while walking. Running became a part of me. Years later I joined a running group when they advertised a run in support of the Boston bombing in April 2013. I had never run with others before. It was amazing and the beginning of several friendships. That fall I ran my first half-marathon. I have run several races with friends where we goof off and just enjoy the excitement of the race! I have paced a couple a races prior to this one. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and help them meet their goals while selfishly enjoying their company. It’s a win-win situation!


Brittany Forshee
I started running in 2014 for the health benefits and fell in love with the sport. I have ran many half marathons and qualified for the Half Fanatic in 2015. I am planning on taking the next step and running my first marathon in January 2018.


Jill Sigman
I started running to keep up with my daughter who defied all odds and became a Cross Country runner with cerebral palsey! I ran my first half 3 years ago and have completed 35-40 fulls and half since! 5 of those have been with my daughter! I am inspired by her everyday! There’s nothing better than standing at the finish line watching the faces of people finish who never thought it would be possible!


Sarah Metz
I started running just over 12 years ago, and fell in love with it. Since then I have completed over 30 Half Marathons, a dozen Full Marathons, and two 50K’s. My passion is around helping others achieve their goals. Running has made me realize how powerful the human body is and what we are all able of accomplishing when we put our minds to it.


Will Rivera
Passionate runner that has completed over 30 full marathons and numerous Ultra distance events.


Chris Ho
Chris Ho has been running for about 6 years and started running to lose weight like many others. He is a member of the Marathon Maniacs, Little Rock Road Runners and the Arkansas Ultra Runners Association. Chris has found a new enjoyment in pacing and helping others achieve their time goals. Chris has completed over 50 official marathons and ultras and with a marathon PR of 3:04:41 at Boston in 2015. His greatest accomplishments are completing The Arkansas Traveler 100 mile race in 22:35:56 in 2015 and 22:18:29 in 2016.


Caleb Ault
Caleb Ault is an Entrepreneur from Little Rock, AR. He began his running journey back in 2009 when a friend asked him to run a marathon. Since then, he has ran 28 marathons and 9 ultra-marathons with a Marathon PR of 3:01:13, 50K PR of 3:59:53, and a distance PR of 41.62 miles in 6:00. Caleb has officially paced 5 marathons and 5 half marathons. “Running has become part of my life,” said Caleb. “Without running I would have missed out on a lot of great friendships.” Caleb is looking forward to pacing the Kentucky Derby Marathon this year! “It is so rewarding being able to support other runners throughout their race, help them achieve their goals, and create lasting friendships.” Caleb is a member of the Marathon Maniacs, Little Rock Road Runners and the Arkansas Ultra Runners Association.


Erica Pilgrim
I have been running for 4 years. I started with the 5k distance and after my first road race quickly fell in love with the sport. Since then I have ran multiple races in multiple distances, ranging from 5k to 50k. I have completely fallen in love with the long run! Pacing is newer to me, but being out there on the course to help runners reach their goals is something that makes every step of every mile worth it.


Michelle Lenahan
I love helping others reach their running goals and seeing runner achieve a PB.


Shannon Strzynski
Shannon is a runner from Indianapolis Indiana, she is a personal trainer and yoga instructor, as well as school track coach…. she loves to motivate others to run and is so happy to help pace fellow racers.


Susen Roark
I’ve been running for a little over 6 years. My favorite distance is the half marathon distance. Looking forward to pacing my first race.


Jeff Wehling
Jeff began running in 2005 to lose weight and improve his fitness level. In 2011 he completes his First of 52 marathons. His love of runner led to pacing half and full marathons in an effort to help others reach their goals. His home town of Springfield Missouri hosts the Bass Pro Conservation Marathon. This was. It only his first marathon, but the race that entrusted him to pace his first full marathon. Jeff looks forward to guiding and encouraging runners in his pace group to reach their goals, and enjoy the journey


Stacy Guthrie
I ran my first marathon in 2012 and have since then completed 7 marathons including The Boston marathon in 2016. My favorite part of running is hitting the pavement with friends while socializing. Running buddies make the sport more enjoyable and the miles fly by.


Shannon James
I started running three years ago and fell in love! I have since ran twenty half marathons, ten full marathons and several other distance races. I have paced several races and love getting to talk to so many different runners. I like to keep a steady pace and encourage those around me! Come run and chat with me!


Troy Frazer
Hi there! My name is Troy Frazer! I live in Indidaplis, IN. I am actively race and pace half/full marathons. I also, race Ultra distactance races, like 50K, 50 Miler, 100K, and 100Miler. And have been an active participant in full/half Triathalons. Look forward to getting to know you and help you reach your racing goal time!


Tim Tharpe
Tim has completed several half marathons and just recently ran his first full marathon with a Boston Marathon qualifying finishing time. Tim loves to encourage others and help them meet their goals. Come run with Tim and set your next PR!