In-Person Race Registration Information


The Humana Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon & Marathon is a long-standing tradition held every spring in Kentucky. It has become the largest annual day of road racing in the state. 

As 2021 marks the 48th annual miniMarathon and 20th annual Marathon, the Festival looks forward to another historic event. Participants will have the opportunity to run in-person and socially-distanced on a new and unique course, as well as the option to participate virtually.

While the 2021 races will be different, there will still be the same Derby Festival spirit runners have come to know and love. Whether you choose in-person or virtual, we hope you’ll run with us! 


The Race will look a little different this year…

The modified race will take place in-person and will offer the same distances (13.1 & 26.2 miles), but will have some changes as part of the health & safety precautions we’re taking to provide a secure race experience. 

These changes include: 

  • An entirely new and unique course for the 2021 Humana miniMarathon & Marathon, that will better allow for social distancing 
  • Staggered start times that are pre-scheduled, to allow runners to socially distance
  • The miniMarathon length (13.1 miles) will take place over the course 4 days, from April 22-25, while the Marathon length (26.2 miles) will take place on April 24 only.
  • There will be course time limits for both miniMarathon & Marathon, to ensure social distancing remains throughout your Race Experience. (See below for details.) 
  • Traditional course support will be minimal, but we will be providing self-serve water stops, time tracking, and start and finish line support.


When is the in-person 2021 miniMarathon & Marathon?

The 2021 Race Day and start time for runners will be staggered and pre-scheduled to adhere to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines from the CDC.

The Race Days will be the following:

  • 2021 Humana Derby Festival miniMarathon: Thursday, April 22 – Sunday, April 25
  • 2021 Humana Derby Festival Marathon: Saturday, April 24


What’s the difference between the 2021 modified race and the way the race has been done in the past?

The modified race will take place in-person and will offer the same distances (13.1 & 26.2 miles), but will have some changes as part of the health & safety precautions we’re taking to provide a secure race experience.

These changes include:

  • A new and unique course for the 2021 Humana miniMarathon & Marathon, that will better allow for social distancing
  • Staggered start times that are pre-scheduled, to allow runners to socially distance
  • The miniMarathon length (13.1 miles) will take place over the course 4 days, from April 22-25, while the Marathon length (26.2 miles) will take place on APRIL 24 ONLY
  • There will be course time limits for both miniMarathon & Marathon, to ensure social distancing remains throughout your Race Experience. (See below for details.)
  • Traditional course support will be minimal, but we will be providing self-serve water stops, time tracking, and start and finish line support.


What are my race distance options for the 2021 Race?

You can run either the:

  • Humana Derby Festival miniMarathon: 13.1 miles
  • Humana Derby Festival Marathon: 26.2 miles

(Due to the modified course this year, there will not be a relay option offered.)

*The miniMarathon is just a fun way to say a Half Marathon length!


What is the course for the 2021 Humana miniMarathon and Marathon?

To comply with COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, we have created a new and unique modified course for 2021. The course will be open for 4 days in order to allow all participants to socially distance and safely participate.

More information of the course details will be shared in the coming months.


What if I’m a deferred runner from 2020? 

All participants who deferred their 2020 registration should have received an email on December 4, 2020, containing a unique link that they will need to use when registering for the 2021 event. 

*Please email if you have not received your registration code. 


What COVID-19 precautions will be taken to keep runners safe? 

As with all Derby Festival programs, our top priority is to keep you safe while you’re having fun! These include measures like: 

  • Maintaining social distancing at all times between runners and any race staff
  • Limiting the amount of in-person participants per time slot to ensure we’re able to maintain social distancing throughout the course 
  • Temperature checks and mask requirements at the Socially-Distanced Starting line
  • Runners will choose staggered start times.  
  • Extending the number of days the route is open, to limit and space out the number of people on the route at one time 
  • Creating a self-start experience at the Starting Line, so that runners can still track their time, but aren’t surrounded by other runners or staff in a corral  
  • Redesigning the course to allow for social distancing, and making water stops and other route support self-serve 
  • Hosting Race Packet Pick-Up as a drive-through option to reduce contact with others 
  • This year will not include a Finish Line Celebration Party, to prevent a large gathering  

View the rest of the FAQs for more details about how this year’s in-person race will differ from previous years. And, as we look forward to 2021, we will continue to closely monitor the developments surrounding COVID-19 and update our plan accordingly, pending State governance & approval. 


What is the plan if the In-Person Race is not able to happen in 2021? 

Don’t worry! If the 2021 Humana Derby Festival mini and Marathon in-person events are cancelled due to a government order related to the COVID-19 pandemic, all participants will be automatically converted to the equivalent virtual event or if you deferred your 2020 registration, you may opt to extend the deferral to 2022. This policy is in place to protect both the event and the participants. Race permits, shirts, medals and other supplies are purchased months before the event. 


Will you offer refunds for registration? 

Currently, we do not offer refunds for any of our races. Please see above for more details about how registration status will be handled in the event of extenuating circumstances due to COVID-19 restrictions.  

We encourage you to take advantage of the following options for normal race occurrences: 

  • PURCHASE RACE INSURANCE THROUGH ALLIANZ: Race day insurance is offered through Allianz and has to be purchased at the time of registration. 

To File a Claim: Use the policy number you received when you completed your insurance purchase to make the claim HERE. 

*Please read through the Allianz policy, as pandemic coverage is not guaranteed. For all questions about your Insurance policy, please contact Allianz. 


  • RACE BIB TRANSFER: You will have the option to transfer your race bib to another runner of your choosing for a $20 transfer fee. 

 To edit or transfer your race registration: Log into your RunSignUp account. Go to your “Profile” page, click the “My Registered Races” and view a list of your registrations separated by race, event, date and registrant. Next to each registrant, you will be able to “View/Edit Registration”, which is where you will need to go to transfer your registration to another participant. 


Are there time limits for the course?

Yes, there is a 4-hour course limit for the miniMarathon, and a 6-hour limit for the Marathon.

THIS MEANS: All participants must maintain a 13:45 minute per mile pace for the Marathon or a 15:00 minute per mile in the Half Marathon (miniMarathon).


How do I get my Race Bib & Participant Shirt?

We will have a Drive-Thru Race Packet Pick-Up in the days leading up to the miniMarathon & Marathon. We’ll be sending more information about this in early spring, to the email you registered with.


How do I register for the 2021 miniMarathon or Marathon?

You can register now by heading to our RunSignUp registration page HERE.


Is there an age requirement to run?

The minimum age to participate in the miniMarathon is 12 years old, and 14 years old to participate in the Marathon.*Runners who are under the age of 18 will have to have a liability waiver signed by their legal guardian at packet pick-up. 


Can walkers participate?

Yes! Walkers may participate, but must be able to keep a 15:00 minute per mile pace.


Do you use start Corrals?

In this year’s modified race model, there will not be start corrals. In order to adhere to all COVID-19  safety precautions, we have developed a multi-day race with staggered and pre-scheduled start times. At registration, runners will be asked to select the date and time they wish to run the miniMarathon or Marathon. This selection process will be on a first-come, first-serve basis at registration.

What this means: On race day, runners will be asked to arrive at the start line no more than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled start. Once you arrive, it will be a self-start approach. When runners are ready, they will begin on their own and cross the first timing mat, which will trigger the start to their official race time.