Virtual Race



Welcome 2020 Virtual Runners! Thank you for choosing to run with us in this new race day experience.



Once you complete your race, submit your finish time and race recap below starting April 25th!

Don’t forget to share your race photos on social media and use the hashtag #DerbyFestivalmini or #DerbyFestivalMarathon to inspire other participants!


REMINDER: The deadline to submit race results is September 30, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET.

Virtual Race Results

Submit your results after you complete the Virtual miniMarathon, Marathon or Relay!
  • * Please submit one (1) date for your finish day. If you ran or walked the miniMarathon or Marathon over multiple days, please add your finish times together. Thank you!
  • * Please submit one (1) time for your total finish time. If you ran or walked the miniMarathon or Marathon over multiple days, please add your finish times together. Thank you!
  • Feel free to upload a photo from your race or a picture from your race tracker!

What is a Virtual Race? 

Runners who complete a Virtual Race have the advantage of running it on their own time. You can run the distance at your own pace, when and where you choose. This means you can even plan to run your distance in segments, not all at once. You will pick your own race day(s), and whether you run it in your neighborhood, a park or even on a treadmill. 

You will need to keep track of your distance using your phone, a GPS device or Fitness tracker, whether that’s during one run or multiple runs. Once you’ve completed your race, you’ll submit your time(s), and we’ll send your medal, Finisher’s Shirt and other swag starting in late Summer. 


Do I Have to Run My Virtual Race on April 25? 

No, you choose your planned race date.  This can be as early as April 25 or as late as September  30, 2020. 


Do We have to Run the Official miniMarathon or Marathon Race Course? 

No, you will be able to choose your own route for the virtual race.  Without proper operational equipment and support, it would be unsafe to give our runners a specific race course. We encourage you to run a route you deem safe, that also adheres to the social distancing guidelines. Additionally, many of our runners come from all over the country & world, which would make it difficult. 

We recommend mapping out the route you plan to take beforehand, to make sure you’re prepared. There are many services, including using your GPS tracker, MapMyRunStrava or even Google Maps.  

*Our race day routes are not pedestrian safe without supporting equipment, police officers and road closures, so we ask that you please DO NOT use any of our race day routes. We specifically ask that you not try to run as a group on race day weekend. 


What Will I get for Completing my Virtual Race? 

If you were signed up to run before our race was postponed, you will be receiving the tech shirt and race medal we originally planned to give out on April 25th. You will also receive your Virtual Race Bag and other perks! 

If you are a NEW Virtual Runner (meaning you signed up to run with us), you will also be receiving the 2020 Race Medal, as well as a custom cotton race shirt and other perks – image shown below.

Medals and shirt Finishers Packages will ship out starting in late Summer. We appreciate your patience in receiving your race packages, as we know there have been delays in non-essential deliveries due to COVID-19. 


Will I Have to Use My Phone, Running Watch, or Other Device to Record it and Upload Results? 

You can submit your finish times and Finish Line photo using the submission form, so we can include it on our results page and share your accomplishment on social! However, we will be using the honor system for completing your race, so don’t worry if you don’t own a device that can track your GPS. 

You can also share your “finish line” photos on social media by using the hashtag #DerbyFestivalmini or #DerbyFestivalMarathon so we can celebrate you in the social “Winner’s Circle”! 

More information about the submission process will be provided in a virtual instructions email sent to you by April 25th or when you register at a later date. 


How and When Will I get my Virtual Race Package? 

You will receive a shirt and medal for the race you completed virtually in the mail. We will mail to the address provided during the registration process. 

We will also email you these downloadable items: race bib and customizable finisher certificate prior to the event. All shirts and medals will be mailed to you after the race, beginning at the end of August. Please note that the estimated shipping time may take longer due to delivery delays of non-essential items.  


Will the Virtual Race be a Qualifier for the Boston Marathon? 

Since you’ll be creating your own courses that will not be certified, you will not be eligible for Boston Marathon qualification. 


Will there be Age Group Awards for the Virtual Races?  

As everyone will be on the honor system and submitting their own finish times, we will not be offering awards for the virtual races. 


How Can I Register as a New Runner for a Derby Festival Virtual Race? 

Registration is now open, click here.